Welcome to your new BADASS beauty destination. Skin & Goods is an online beauty platform for women who want to be educated, informed and become skintellectuals themselves. We are a 100% independent and non-bias platform, that is online to educate you on the what’s what of an industry, that we find truly fascinating. We test over 1000 of products from all over the world, and pick the ones that actually work. No marketing bullshit.  

There is a reason why beauty is a multi-billion industry. Believe it or not, there is a lot of science behind making a product ready for the market. And on top of that, you have the ever changing global trends, the glamour and the gossip. This is a business made for the front covers, and for those who feel passionate about looking their best every day, which is basically every woman on this earth. We have a mission, not only to cover the new product launches we are excited about, but to give you the insights, the in-depth knowledge and the industry’s dirty secrets. 


In those few brief moments you have available during an otherwise busy day, where you want to get updated on your topics of choice, the last thing you want to do is to spend your precious minutes having to scroll through adverts, close pop-ups, and to your disappointment, having to realise, that what the headline read was just yet another bait to get you tangled in a web of links, without any sort of real content and/or value or worse, products claiming to take 10 years off your age with no real proof behind them. 

Now, we are not passing judgement on a whole industry of content providers, nor are we claiming to be best in class. But what we can agree on is, that the mentioned scenario, which we have all been in, is a constant source of dissatisfaction and frustration.

What we try to do, is to create and develop a educational platform, which can provide you with some high value content on the topic of BEAUTY from experts in the industry, be it a comment on the leading trends, interviews with the key heads of the trade or detailed tips and tricks on personal use of the best, badass, products.

So if BEAUTY is one of your topics of choice, we hope, that you will be satisfied reading through our curated selection of content and shipping some of the best, badass, beauty products to your home. And if, for one reason or the other, you experience that any time spent on our platform did not live up to your expectations, please do drop us a note, and we will for sure get back to you and hear, how we can improve.