Brushing your teeth is about to become your favourite activity

LEBON is a luxury Oral Care brand from France founded by Richard and Stephanie for those who value health but also value design. Since brushing your teeth is the first and last thing you do every day, they wanted to make a dent in the industry for an ethical and natural toothpaste. But also, take advantage of this "2-minute moment" to reflect, refocus on yourself and experience a true awareness while brushing your teeth.

Not to mention the delicious flavours and mood enhancing properties that will take you on a mini vacation to Grasse, France everytime.
Your mouth, like your gut, hosts millions of bacterias, both good and bad, known as the oral microbiome. Keeping the natural balance of your oral microbiome is essential to the health of your teeth, gums and mouth and it is also the gateway to good gut health. When we have poor oral hygiene and expose our mouths to toxins and nasty chemicals often found in toothpastes it can destabilize the natural balance of the healthy bacterias in your mouth. This can cause problems such as inflammation in the mouth, ulcers, bleeding gums which can lead to other health problems in the gut and rest of the body.
The brand is cruelty free to nature, to the planet, and to all the living creatures on it.