I´m contstantly inspired by badass ladies around the world. And at every chance I get, I connect, ask, learn and get inspired. This interview was something like that. It took some time to get it through, but I´m persistant, and I do love her story. Finally she sat down, and answered our questions, and I can tell you, you are in for a good ride.

So sit down, relax, get your pen and take notes as you will get inspired by May Lindstroms journey. She walks us through her morning rituals, her obsession on her Blue Cocoon (which she carries with her everywhere) and shares some valuable advice on how to be a beauty boss. (yes and of course some badass beauty tips as well) we could all implement to our daily routines.  

I’m a mother, wife, lover, potion-maker, team-player, leader, and creator with a passion for igniting deep relationships with ourselves through daily ritual. My own highly reactive skin has influenced my path and the development of my collection, which has a clear focus on supporting sensitive and post-trauma complexions. I formulate treats that truly transform both the skin one's confidence in it.

Raising two kids has turned me into an accidental "morning person" and so I'm always up early, often before the sun. I started doing gentle yoga first thing upon waking a couple of years ago, and it makes such a difference when I'm in this rhythm. So I start here, a little breathing and stretching in a spot I’ve claimed for this practice on my balcony up in the trees. I stay in my pajamas and keep this pretty casual. The intent is on connection to myself, my breath and body, the morning air and the soft sun rising as I do. My youngest usually wakes up during this so I stop and grab him for a snuggle and storytime. We go downstairs, light a candle on the dining room table, and fill a pretty wood board with fresh cut fruit to begin the day. 

After this container of calm, I check my phone for any calendar reminders and urgent emails and try to knock out anything that will weigh on me. Breakfast for all, then I get kids and husband out of the house before I sit down to more emails, Instagram messages, or calls. I sometimes work from home and a day there can be anything from talking to my team on video meetings, making calls to retailers, doing product trainings over Skype, answering customer service emails, looking at website analytics, or writing a newsletter. On the days I go to the studio, I'll review new batches of ingredients that have come in, play with a formula I've been tweaking or testing, or simply catch up face to face with my team and see where I can offer my best support. 

I begin my mornings in the shower, brightening my skin with gentle (and powerfully effective) exfoliation with The Clean Dirt. The spicy and exotic aroma wakes up my senses and gives the most incredible start to my day. I follow with The Youth Dew, layered with The Blue Cocoon, for incomparable glow and health. I use both of these twice daily. The Youth Dew provides graceful aging protection, a host of antioxidant superpowers, and balancing moisture. The Blue Cocoon is heaven on earth and my greatest skin savior - it eliminates all redness and sensitivity, heals and deeply hydrates, and calms both skin and spirit. It's also my favorite treatment for eyes and lips of all time. Before I exit the shower, I massage The Pendulum Potion over every inch of my skin, all the way to my toes, and even a few drops through my hair. To complete, I mist my face, neck, and décolleté generously with The Jasmine Garden, and then go about my day. In the evenings I’ll follow a similar routine but will add in a full nightly cleanse plus a treatment twice weekly with The Problem Solver. Total bonus on the quietest nights: a hot bath, salty as the sea, with a drizzle of The Pendulum Potion right into the water. Glorious. 

A silk sleep mask, silicone earplugs,  a journal, pen, whatever book I’m currently reading, and The Blue Cocoon. In addition to the magic this unique blue balm does for my skin, my favorite tip is to sweep a tiny bit on the insides of my nostrils to support clear, hydrated air passages and deep slumbers. You have to try it to see what a difference it makes (this is a lifesaver on airplanes too)! 
I have a separate little side table set up near the bed in preparation for my morning ritual as well. On it sits an electric tea kettle, a bowl of lemons, my favorite ceramic mug, a knife, measuring spoon, and good sea salt. I start every day with this warm concoction (1c  hot water, ½ teaspoon salt, ½ a lemon, squeezed) and it’s completely changed my hydration and energy levels. I’ll do it before bed on an empty stomach if I’m feeling run down too. 

Advice is tricky. All I know is what I did - leapt, full force. There are a bajillion beautiful ideas or businesses that never make it off the ground or that will eventually fail. You have to be willing to try anyways. When I started my company, I didn't have any big connections or power moves that were super special. No investors, mentors, or “ins”. I had myself and a dream, a tiny bit of money in my savings account, and a pretty good credit card. No marketing, no PR, no sales team. No team, period in the early days. I made something that I believed in and then I did all I could to share it authentically. It resonated and touched who it was supposed to. And I grew, as organically as the ingredients I used. There was a good amount of luck and great timing, but more than that was the intention that shone through and couldn't be overlooked. 

I fell in love with the small beach towns of southern Thailand when I visited more than fifteen years ago. The people were the nicest of anywhere I’d ever been, before or since. There’s an incredible culture of smiling and eye contact that I’d never experienced that I can’t wait to return to. And the FOOD!!

The Blue Cocoon. It goes with me everywhere. And The Jasmine Garden - there is nothing like this for a mid-day (and all day!) pick-me-up. 

Lead from the heart and don’t be afraid to fail. Equally, don’t be afraid to succeed. It’s all within reach if you choose it. Starting a company and being your own boss is a surreal adventure and the kind of thing that if you knew what was involved, you’d never begin. Luckily, I knew nothing - so I leapt and found my wings in flight! Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and I was raised with examples all around of me of what it means to work for yourself. It’s in my DNA to do my own thing and thankfully I’m good at it. I joke that I’d make a terrible employee, and that’s likely accurate. My ideas can be a little wild and my standards crazy high. At the end of the day, I’m usually quite grateful that there is not a single person I have to answer to. I can just go for it - no compromises - and that has been my superpower. I’ve learned a lot over these years - things I never would have gotten out of a textbook or from studying business or watching what anyone else in this space is doing. It took just showing up, doing the work, dreaming of and striving for the best and then figuring out how to offer it. Over and over, we ask the questions - What is it for? Does it benefit the client? Does it increase intimacy and connection? Bring joy and delight? Am I inspired? Do I want this? How could I make it better? We have our value system and we don’t budge on it. I rarely look at the numbers as I don’t want them to influence me. I don’t ever want to feel like I need to cut corners somewhere to keep profit or shy away from something risky but amazing out of fear. It’s an important kind of preservation for me. I know when we are doing well if I can stand behind our core priorities. The rest takes care of itself.

Eat the rainbow, move your body, massage your skin with good oils, and fill your life with people who make you laugh and love deeper. Beauty resonates from the inside out.

Gucci Westman - I hardly ever wear makeup, but when I do, it’s definitely coming from her impeccable line, Westman Atelier. Her Baby Cheeks Blush Sticks and the Lit Up Highlight Stick are genius. 


SKIN: The Blue Cocoon, without a doubt. This is my twice-a-day, every-day magic. 
MAKEUP: Olio E Osso balm in NO. 9 SPRING. Perfect for my pocket, gliding over lips and cheeks for just a bit of color and glow on-the-go. 
HAIR: Innersense - I love their Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Conditioner, and the I Create Volume lotion. 
BODY: A good dry brushing pre-shower, and some head to toe love with a new body oil I’m working on after. 
BEAUTY ACCESSORY: Your own hands for facial massage are highly underrated. Touch is everything, give yourself some love!