We have clean, we have green but this is something fresh. Get ready to be introduced to the freshest skincare on the market, Nuori´s founder Jasmi Bonnén took the challenge (no one else would) to fight for fresh skincare after years of working in the industry and doubting the effect of active ingredients in products that have a shelf live of +30 months. (which is over 2.5 years)

It might be obvious to a beauty junkie like myself, but I know too many that are still using the same cream they opened up 2-3 years ago, using as little as possible to make sure the product will last a lifetime as they spent way too much money on this one item. The thing is, most active ingredients, that will actually do something about that wrinkle on your face are very sensitive (like vitamins for example) and have a relatively short lifetime. This means, that in order to get the effect of the active ingredient you should use your product up within 3-6 months which is usually how long a 30-50ml product should last depending on the texture and if you are using it both in the AM and PM. But most beauty products are meant to be used within 12 months, and if they have a longer shelf life you can expect the product to be filled with unwanted ingredients, preservatives and additives to stabilize the formula for a longer life-time. 

Now, you might ask yourself how do they do it differently, and here is the answer. They make new fresh small batches every 10-12 weeks in their laboratories in Copenhagen and they make heavy investing in premium protective packaging to minimize exposure to air, light, bacteria and mold, before and during use. This means that when you purchase their products, you can see exactly what day the product was formulated and you are encouraged to follow their how to use instructions ( as for some products, you actually get to mix the active ingredients yourself for the maximum effect) like their Supreme C Treatment and the new Bio-Target Super Serum which is launching next month. 

Lets get to know this Nordic Nuori lady a bit better, and find out how she starts her day to what products she can´t live without.

I am a very talkative Finn (a rare species!) married to a Dane and the mother of two boys. As long as I can remember I wanted to be a business woman. My favorite toy was a “CEO Barbie”, and my favorite film was Working Girl. After 15 years of working in management consulting, cosmetics marketing and creative agency management, I finally found the courage to quit my job and start my own skincare company NUORI. And I have never looked back. I love being an entrepreneur, creating jobs, and bringing really high quality, all-natural products into the world that I know are better for people and the planet.

Most mornings my youngest son still wakes me up with a snuggle before my alarm rings. Our whole family makes breakfast and eats together. Almost every morning, I have freshly squeezed orange juice, oatmeal with almonds and blueberries, and a huge cup of tea. After I have gotten the boys out the door, I take 15 minutes for myself to shower, treat my skin, put on a bit of mascara and get dressed. And then the working day starts. 

In the mornings, I splash my face with very cold water, and then use NUORI’s Vital Unifier as a toner and hydrating essence. After this I always apply a serum. Right now, I am using the new NUORI Infinity Bio-Fusion Serum with a natural retinol alternative. Then a light layer of day cream. Since I am currently living in New York, I love using NUORI’s Protect+ Facial Cream which contains bioactivated lips that protect against environmental aggressors like pollution and UV light. And finally, the most important step: SPF. NUORI’s Mineral Defence Sunscreen SPF 30 is a beautiful, all-mineral sunscreen that leaves the skin with a dewy, primer-like finish.


In the evenings, I always start with the NUORI Vital Foaming Cleanser. This gently removes impurities and the fruit enzymes slough off dead skin cells. After toning and serum, I apply a few drops of NUORI Perfecting Facial Oil to my face and perform a short facial massage. Sometimes I use a massage tool, and other times just my hands. I like to concentrate on relaxing my brow muscles (the ones you use to squint at your screens all day) and on my jaw muscles. I tend to grind my teeth at night, and I have noticed that massaging my jaw muscles every night before bed helps me reduce this. The final step is NUORI Vital Eye Cream, which I apply all the way from my temples around the whole orbital bone.

The book I’m reading (right now Zadie Smith’s Grand Union) and the NUORI Vital Hand Cream. So important these days when we are all constantly washing our hands. And always a glass of water.

No matter what you do, don’t work because someone asks you to. Work because you want to. This change in attitude will make all the difference – on your performance, your happiness, and in the end, your whole career.

I have been lucky to travel extensively during my life and have already visited 50 countries. There are so many amazing locations in the world, but I would always go back to the Maldives when given a chance.

The NUORI Lip Treat in shade Copenhagen.  

Like any other boss – by earning the respect of your collages and collaborators through insight, empathy, and hard work.

Try to get 8 hours of sleep and stay well hydrated – both outside and inside.

I love seeing healthy, natural skin that isn’t covered with makeup. I think it’s a shame if people try to change their natural skin tone, or cover freckles and suns spots, because these all contribute to our personal expression.


SKIN: I travel a lot (at least I used to before the pandemic) because NUORI is sold in over 20 countries across 4 continents. My skin gets very dry on longer flights so NUORI’s Supreme Moisture Mask has been a real skin savior. I apply the mask to cleansed skin at the beginning of the flight, and just rinse it off with some bottled water upon arrival, leaving my skin looking fresh, hydrated and glowing.

MAKEUP: I really love the Kjær Weis Highlighter in Radiance. I have been using it for years on my eye lids, browbone and cheekbones.

HAIR: The NUORI Shield Shampoo. This has finally balanced and healed my scalp that has always in the past been easily irritable - sometimes too dry, sometimes too oily.

BODY: NUORI’s Vital Body Balm. This is the richest most luxurious all-natural body balm, and a little goes a long way. I apply it daily right after a shower, and my youngest son who suffers from very dry skin often gets a good-night application with it as well.

BEAUTY ACCESSORY: I am quite addicted to the Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask from The Light Salon. It is so wonderful to have this professional LED treatment available for home use now. NUORI has actually collaborated with The Light Salon for a few years already, and some of our products are specifically suitable for using before, during and after their LED treatments.